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Supported projects

The Swiss Continence Foundation supports outstanding research projects in the field of neuro-urology and functional urology to improve and expand the medical care and scientific findings in these areas.

The results and findings from these projects will, among other topics, be presented and communicated at various of our regular events to medical experts as well as the interested public.

Below you will find a list of current and successfully completed projects which have been supported by the Swiss Continence Foundation:

A novel urodynamic model for lower urinary tract assessment in awake rats

After spinal cord injury, bladder function is completely out of control. This relevantly impairs patients’ quality of life and might jeopardize the upper urinary tract (i.e. resulting in kidney failure). The most dangerous situation is detrusor sphincter dyssynergia where the urine is squeezed through the contracted (dyssynergic) sphincter. This causes high intravesical pressure and might impair kidney function in the long-term. However, the underlying neuronal mechanisms are unclear and there are no causal therapies for this potentially life-threatening disorder.

The Bladder and the Brain - supraspinal lower urinary tract control

The aim of this study is to investigate the supraspinal control of the lower urinary tract in patients with bladder dysfunction due to a neurological disease and in patients with idiopathic bladder dysfunction using functional magnetic resonance imaging. Additional analysis of functional and structural neuronal connectivity will contribute to develop a supraspinal network model of neuronal lower urinary tract control in humans.

Sacral neuromodulation for neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction

The aim of this study is to investigate the efficacy and safety of sacral neuromodulation for neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction.

Past projects

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